Lola Moser is a swiss born, visual artist based in Paris. She began her photographic work while studying videography in New York. By manually altering the photographs her poetic work brings back movement and light into still images.


Artist’s statement:

“The digital era transforms photography into an impalpable object. As soon as the images are created, they disappear into the deep darkness of a hard drive. I like the fact that I can physically touch the pictures. Working manually on the images allows me to reclaim the intimacy between myself and the material. During this process I try to see underneath the stored and seemingly finished photograph and capture the essence of the image. Being in contact with the print, being able to touch it and see its transformation restores the painting stage of photography. It unveils the hidden image lying beyond its immediate reach. It reveals what isn’t right in front of our eyes, which is perhaps just as important as what is, and it reaches to the heart of the photography.”

Represented by Tenarts. Her latest original artwork is available for sale on 




Ecole Active Bilingue                     Paris, FRANCE

Metfilmschool                                 London, UK

New York Film Academy                New York, USA

ESEC, documentary program        Paris, FRANCE



2019           Bright Birch

2017            Reflection

2015-17       Portrait Aixois

2014            Photo du jour Europe, Asia

2009-13       Burning Beauty USA, Europe, Asia

2012            Photostrip portraits USA, Europe, Asia

2010/11       Purple mist, Taiwan

2009-11       Lola Pola, Europe

2009            Impressionism, USA



2016      Eidola, art video, Scotland, France

2013      Flow, music video, Paris

2012     Touches d’étoile, Music video, Paris

2010     Soma, music video, Paris, Morocco, France, USA

             Si Lolita making of, Lolita Lempicka, Paris

2009     Robes de soi, documentary, Kyoto, Japan

2008     Amour et Folie, short film, New York

             À la Folie, short film, New York

2007     The Road, Music video, New York

2006     Lolita Lempicka making of, Paris

             Airplane to nowhere, Birdy hunt, Paris



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